The JMA-5100 radar series has a 10.4-inch high visibility TFT color LCD display, integrating the best features from JRC’s popular radars into one, providing a superior operation and installation environment, matched with your needs. A worthy choice of quality and innovation that allows for safe and comfortable in navigation with a high performance rate, just as you would expect.


Designed for flexibility

The JMA-5100 radar series consist of a compact processor, dedicated keyboard, high visibility display and a high performance antenna, allowing for a flexible installation approach in confined spaces. The display can be positioned vertically and horizontally, and the choices for flush or bracket mounting, allowing for even more flexibility.


High operability

A dedicated jog-dial and trackball are conveniently integrated, allowing for simple and effective operation. JRC’s intuitive menu allows you to easily select EBL and VRM, a few of the most common used navigation tools. With the trackball you can also capture MARPA targets effortlessly, and to simplify the navigation process even further, JRC incorporated ‘direct-keys’, making frequently used functions easy to find.



Developed exclusively by JRC, Target Enhancement Function, TEF™, allows target enhancement relative to the target size. The smaller echoes are far more enlarged, giving better on-screen identification, against comparative larger echoes, such as landmass.


GPS connectivity

The JRC JMA-5100 series allows connecting to navigation equipment, such as GPS, which provides on-screen the exact location of the ship (numerical value) or a mark on the waypoints. This will show the difference between the bearing of a waypoint and the ship’s heading at a glance.


Flexible display operation

The JMA-5100 display is dimmable, allowing you to adjust your preference at once. The centre of the PPI can be scaled up to 90% of the maximum screen radius, which is 4 times the range compared to a conventional radar model.



The JMA-5100 radar series incorporates a highly reliable interfacing field. You can easily connect a wide range of equipment. Simply connect a GPS compass for direct input and the JMA-5100 series allows for NSK unit connectivity (option). Also a direct connection to a PC plotter is possible, allowing direct output to the PC, displaying Radar System Data (RSD), Tracked Target Message (TTM – possible with optional MARPA installation) and Own Ship Data (OSD). Also an optional second station allows you to fully control the antenna.


Displaying SART

GMDSS installations include one of more Search and Rescue Transponder (SART) devices, which are used to locate a survival craft or distressed vessels. The JRC JMA-5100 series is capable of picking up the SART signal, enabling an immediate response for search and rescue efforts.